👋🏽 Hi, I'm shandy 


My passion for holistic nutrition and low-toxicant living started when I developed a chronic illness during my graduate degree becoming a speech-language pathologist. 

I consulted multiple doctors and in the end was presented with an option of being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia and prescribed pain killers and anti-anxiety pills.

Shortly after, I learned that there is no known cause or cure for these diagnoses.

Sound familiar? 

While I believe that medications and medical interventions can have their appropriate time and place, I personally did not want to be placed on daily medications that I could possibly become dependent on to manage symptoms.

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My intuition and connection to my body knew there had to be an underlying cause behind the pain, anxiety, multiple chemical sensitivities, among many other symptoms, I was experiencing.


My experience landed me in the care of a naturopathic doctor and a registered nurse/nutritional therapist, among others. With their guidance, I learned my body was toxically overloaded, out of balance, and my symptoms were merely a 'cry for help'.

When they learned I was earning my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology and planned to work with children, they both strongly encouraged me to look into autism spectrum disorders as WHOLE body conditions vs. solely genetic and/or brain based.



BOTH of them. 




To hear about the connections between nutrition and ASDs from those who were helping me regain my own health left me feeling intrigued to further explore the "gut-brain connection" and low-toxicant living beyond my own healing. 



My mind was expanded.

The course of my life and career were Forever redirected.



Since then, I have been intensely learning about nutritional connections and impacts of living low-tox for individuals with chronic illness, systemic inflammation, anxiety, ASDs, ADHDs, sensory processing disorders, extreme "picky eating", pediatric feeding disorders, Down syndrome, apraxia and motor speech disorders, speech-language delays and disorders, learning disabilities, and more.


I have advanced certification in bio-individual nutrition and health & wellness coaching specifically for families impacted by neurodevelopmental disorderS, special needs, and various childhood EPIDEMICs.

I am a listed Epidemic Answers Preferred Provider and Certified Health Coach.

I am a proudly certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) through the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Lastly, I am student of The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute & Pediatric Intensive/Nourishing Hope program by renown ASD & ADHD nutrition expert, Julie Matthews, BS, CNC.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my background on why and how Speaking of Health & Wellness came to be. I have experienced and witnessed incredible improvements from the power of holistic nutrition and low-toxicant living. Our bodies - our children's bodies - are truly trying to work for us.

Everyone, regardless of any diagnosis,

is their optimal self when they are their healthiest.

I am deeply passionate about bringing these critical topics to the mainstream awareness, as I believe this knowledge will continue to lead to innovation in helping these children and prevent future detrimental effects to more generations.

I look forward to learning and connecting with you.

Be well friends, 


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