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america annually spends more on healthcare than any other country

The health of american children:

1 in 2 has a chronic illness

1 in 5 has allergic eczema

1 in 6 has a developmental disability

1 in 8 has asthma

1 in 10 has an adhd

1 in 13 has a serious food allergy

30% have more than one serious food allergy

many more children are impacted by food intolerances/sensitivities

1 in 36 has an autism spectrum disorder

1 in 28 for boys born between 2014-2016


Has your child been diagnosed with one of the  conditions above?

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Our children are experiencing an epidemic of chronic illness and disorders

Does your child chronically experience any of the following?

  • Speech & language challenges and/or delays

  • developmental regression(s)

  • delayed developmental milestones

  • "picky eating" and/or Food aversions  

  • food addictions - strong preference for daIry and STARCHY foods (breads, pastas, crackers, etc.) may need a certain brand or be very rigid against changing or adding new foods

  • Heightened environmental sensitivity (sounds, textures, lights, etc.)

  • sensory processing / integration challenges

  • behavioral and mood difficulties

  • extreme need for control / defiance 

  • Inattention / hyperactivity 

  • reoccurring ear infections, UTI, or sinus congestion and/or infections

  • Constipation 

  • diarrhea / loose stools

  • red cheeks and/or ears following meals

  • Reflux (or history of as a baby)

  • eczema

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What do these epidemics have in common?


Some of the underlying commonalities inClude:

genetic predispositions

Sensitivity to environmental stressors

Impaired detoxification

Oxidative Stress

mitochondrial dysfunction

poor digestion

dysbiosis of the gut

Intestinal hyper-permeability ("leaky gut")

SYSTEMIC inflammation

Nutritional deficiencies

immune dysfunction



food, nutrition, and low-toxicant living can improve the symptoms of these chronic childhood conditions

are you ready to learn how nutrition and a balanced holistic lifestyle can positively impact your child and family?


are you ready to end your tireless research for answers?


are you ready to become empowered with knowledge and guidance on how to improve your child's overall health, LEARNING, and behavior?

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